Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lost Tooth

I seem to have had quite a few parents requesting that I do not put their children on the blog, which I always respect, so let me post yet another shot of my own little one :)

My daughter lost her third tooth this Morning, So I played around and got some fun shots. Stuff like this just tickles me, I love documenting life little moments. I kind of haven't even started on my Christmas cards this year so I am going to use one of these, let me digress.

4 weeks ago when her 2 front teeth started showing signs of being loose, I giggled and told her; "Yay, then you can sing all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" She proceeded to get very disturbed at this and decided they were not coming out before so she didn't have to sing the song. For weeks now she has been tucking them back into the gum and swearing they will not come out ever.

Last night, it was so loose we were sure it was time, and she became hysterical, I started playing around and suggested that she dry off her front teeth and use scotch tape to keep it in. She went crazy, like that was the best idea ever, and proceeded to tape her front teeth with layers and layers of tape. I grabbed the camera and shot away, but she begged me not to post it on the blog. So I made a promise that I wouldn't. They are so cute, it's is next to impossible not to post them, but a promise is a promise, I have to respect it, sigh. Years from now she will be so mad at me, man, I am so bad!

To quote Kevin Bacon when asked what his favorite hobby is: "Embarrassing my children"

Here's todays shot, by the way, it fell out first thing in the morning, and she was all smiles over it, go figure!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cutie. Is is just me or is she looking like a big girl. Don't tell her but it took Kindra two years to get her front teeth back.

How is it you seem to be able to catch the joy of the moment.