Thursday, May 28, 2009

Commercial work

During this past week, I had the opportunity to second shoot for my friend who is doing the marketing work and photography for DAAA Charity at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course, this coming September, Here's a couple of shots from our day.


Hi all, if you follow my facebook pages, you have seen these already. This week has been tough, my dear friend and fellow photographer Sibbea got news that her little sister Hannah was life flighted to Emanuel Hospital in the early hours Sunday. She came off her horse, which then fell on her, shattering her leg, fracturing her skull and breaking her colloquial bone in her ear in 3 places. She is only 14. After days of hanging on by a thread, she is showing improvement now finally but still not in the clear. Most likely she will be spending her birthday in the hospital and will have weeks, months if not years of physical therapy to completely recover.

These images were taken the first day after she was taken out of ICU and stabilized. Yes, they are graphic and unsettling. I have taken them with permission of her family, please say a little prayer for Hannah's complete recovery.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Babies

We reached the month old mark, yay! It's amazing how much happens in the first month. This is Sheiklani's colt, and a new one, ten days old I think they said. One more for them to go still! Oh, and a couple other horses too :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rainy Days

Hi all, I am back up and running after a brief explosion in March and April. Yay!

So hey, days are slow this week, and I am loving the break, it was pouring rain yesterday and my daughter asked me to take some photos. I was ON it. So many times I hear "we have to cancel, it's going to rain" and so many times I have tried, too no end, to get clients to jump in with rain jackets and umbrellas and just GO with it, this is after all, OREGON... I even found myself wanting MORE rain, so it showed in the photos... (maybe pouring off the side of the umbrella, I thought about the garden hose... what would my neighbors think, ha ha ha, that crazy woman is out in the rain spraying her kid with the hose). Here's a few , shot right in front of our house on the street. I would probably clean up the tail lights of cars and stuff if I sent these to print.

(this shows the location and clutter in the background)

(A little change in the angle, and viola! Gorgeous)