Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tag, you're it.....

OK, so I volunteered for this tag, don't go getting ideas :) This is from my friend Lori's blog:

"If you go to your sixth folder in your My Pictures folder, and select the 6th picture in that folder, post the image and details if you can remember them!"
I had to go one more folder to the sixth, but you get the picture.... pun intended!

This is a shot from my wild horses. Taken at the Steens Mt, Oregon in July 2008. Check out Lori's image too.... ProPhoto by Lori
It's interesting to me that they are both of "horses of color"!

So, I get to select 6 people to tag now, who will it be? Any takers?
here's the technical stuff if you are interested....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Having fun in Texas

Hey all, I'm just checking in from Texas.  What a blast!  I'll need to rest up when I get home for sure....

Here's a shot I took last night, guess I'm  being a bit stingy with images, more concerned with relaxing and shooting at the moment!  Hope everyone is well.  ~C

Friday, November 07, 2008

New Site Launch

I hinted that a new look was coming. This morning went online! OK, I know it's a lot more to type in, so make sure to bookmark it please :). The old site will still be up for a while, and everything will connect eventually so I thank you for your patience in advance while we grow and update!

Cool and exciting features include:
Flash image shows, see more cool photos right away.
Better portfolio galleries.
Easy access to my scheduling calender!
Ask about availability right from the site!
Easy navigation, everything you need is right at your finger tips on the home page.
View your proofs and order right from the site (ok, so I am working on that happening very soon, but it's coming)

The only downfall is, flash can take a lot longer to load for those of you still on dial up, and with slower service providers. Never fear, a mirror html (non flash) site is coming, and the old site will be still be available, so it is your choice what you want to use.

So here is my dilemma, and I would very much appreciate it if you would respond.

How do you feel about music on websites? Should I add music, or stay without it?

I'll tell you what.... I'll toss in a 2009 wild horses calender to a random entry from anyone who responds with a yes or no!