Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Break

I am off for the coast for spring break vacation time. I will be back on Monday, refreshed and inspired no doubt!

Here's a image I just had to show, enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Colors of Spring

Things have been busy around here! With spring coming, photography is warming up! Foals being born, children playing, I am excited!

Every year we make an annual trek to The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. This year they say that max viewing is after the first week in April. I cannot wait. I pulled these photos up from 2005 to share.

Make an appointment today, and I can meet you in the fields for some truly one of a kind family portraits!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


This past Friday I was invited out to Newberg to shoot a fantastic arabian filly. This little girl is just 16 days old in these photos. LOOK at that attitude! And this was a mellow day as I understand for her :) It seemed the day was blessed, perfect light, perfect subject! In the end I think I shot 140 photos or something :) (so much for 8-12 proofs promised, I ALWAYS go over that) Hey when it's great, it is certainly great! So I have a lot of photos to show you today and there are so many more great ones.

Thank you Heather, Lori and of course Catherine for having me photograph her and all your hard work running around the pastures!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Oregon Coast

Yesterday found us at Cape Meres on the Oregon Coast. It was such a gorgeous day! This couple asked us to take a few shots of them with their camera, and it ends up they live very near us! We exchanged numbers and I hope they call so we can get to know them, and so I can show them these gorgeous shots that I snuck with my own camera!

This got me to thinking, I really, really, really, really..... want to shoot horses with long flowing manes, and sassy attitudes on the beach. If you have access to the beach, and want some photography of your horse(s), I will waive my session and trip fee to come and shoot for you if you will give me photographic release rights. This offer is good to the first person that resopnds to this post, and is a special that will only be found here! Email or call me to set things up!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


My camera returned from Canon all repaired a couple of days ago. So I took it out for a practice run, and here's a few of the shots I took, of course of my very most favorite subject in the whole wide world.... my daughter! Click below to see the rest of the images.

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