Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter fun

Winter time is always slow, and stirring up business is never easy for those of us shooting in the great outdoors. Weather is always a challenge. I am almost always available to take advantage of these few sunny days we get in-between rainstorms.

Remember, my style is portraying everyday "life". Just because it's raining, doesn't mean we have to reschedule, we just need to get even more creative! Wouldn't family photos of everyone in bright raincoats, boots, and umbrellas be wonderful! Everyone crowded under a wide bright umbrella with rain coming off the edges! A child splashing in mudd puddles with a too big jacket and boots? Don't be afraid of wintertime photography, embrace it! You may end up with your not- so-ordinary, one-of-a-kind special photographs! And remember it's a lot cheaper now than during the peak summer months.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I have scheduled 3 equine shoots from my previous freebie post already, that leaves 2 left! Call or email today to reserve your spot, what do you have to loose? I have booked an Arabian, Morgan gelding, and a warmblood mare, anyone else?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Super Special!

Here's a great special offer... I am really wanting to shoot some new fresh stuff, and it's the dead of winter, not the usual time for outdoor horse photography, so here's my proposal:

I am looking for several representatives of many different breeds to shoot and use as self promotional shots. I will offer for a very limited few, a FREE farm call to shoot your horses! I will take 1 (one) representative of each breed I can get, up to say 5? I have already shot some arabians, so I am looking for quarter horses, paints, appaloosa, ponies, warmbloods, TB, NSH, Friesians, I would LOVE to shoot Gypsy Vanner, Mini's, draft horses, you name it, at lesiure, around the barn, under saddle, head shots, full body at liberty. Lets go play! Since it's winter we can do very candid shots, long hair, untrimmed, pasture horses, sure!

THAT'S 5 Lucky People getting FREEBIES!

I will take an hours worth of photography and GIVE you copyright free image files in return for a release form. It's that simple....

The first 5 different breed owners to contact me before Feb 8th, within say an hours drive for me (from Beaverton Oregon) will get photography bookings. (Must complete shoot before March 30th 2007)

email me at:
or call 503-913-0058

Monday, January 22, 2007

Spring Brides

Spring is just around the corner, I am so looking forward to wedding photography this year. I haven't offered it until now, and I am amazed at how many inquiries I am getting already. I have shot for "other" studios, under their name, so the images are not mine to use. This presents a few problems, because who doesn't want to see a portfolio right?

SO to help me along with this little dilemma, I am offering a really really huge discount and super deals to get back into it and build new fresh photos to show.

If you are still looking to book a photographer for your upcoming wedding, check me out, I can be available very last minute sometimes, it never hurts to ask!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cool, or too far?

I am noticing a new trend for lens flares in photography these days, I even had a client tell me he thought they were cool and artsy! This image I specifically took for the flare effect, it had a flare in the upper right corner on it's own, the middle one I added in PS2 (they have a lens flare filter even, ha!)

I have to admit, flares are a technical error, I had the hardest time "Making" it happen, but.... After having done so, I was amazed that I love this image! What I once wouldn't have even shown a client, and would have gone to great lengths not to have happen at all, is now cool!?

So, what do you think, cool, or too far?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fence fix

More before and afters, this one I removed the fence and cleaned up a bit of the background. It's about a $30.00 digital repair.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gorgeous Arabians

Last thursday, I went out to Hartman Equine Adventures in Eagle Creek Oregon to practice shooting. Thank you Beth so much for letting me come out and play, I got some real great shots and met some really wonderful people!
  • Hartman Equine Adventures

  • Here's an image I played with of Beth's gorgeous mare, Provacativ... I have many more, so I will be busy the next few days.. This would be around a $90.00 digital job.

    Check out Beth's site for all things horse related in the PNW.
  • PacNWHorse

  • Friday, January 12, 2007

    Artistic Effects

    Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday, thank you to Michael and Lori from Hartman Equine Adventures for letting me play a bit, and Beth for setting it all up, your photos are up next :)!

    This is a service I am now offering, I can come out and shoot in less than perfect conditions, and "fix" the backgrounds. There are endless artistic effects I can do to enhance your images. Here are three: You can click on the images to make them bigger.

    The first is a simple fix for a cluttered background, and makes a dynamic portrait, I simply cleaned up the background by adding a white fog type vignette to the image. I also whitened the mane and tail. It's about a $25.00 digital work job.

    The second was really fun, I burned the background a bit and added a zoom blur into the mares eyes and face. This adds a bit of motion and interest to this cool photo. Of course I also whitened the mane and tail, and enhanced her color a bit. Another $25.00 additional fee.

    The third was fun, this photo was a great shot of the mare, but the background makes it an unsellable print, or does it? I have simply extracted her and now she is ready to drop into anything. Green trees, an out of focus pasture, an all white or black background? I also cleaned up the yellow cast in her haircoat and mane and tail. This is anywhere from a $45.00-$90.00 job per file.

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Fun Edges and Effects

    So, I had mentioned that I purchased some fun edges and template overlays. Here are just a very few of the 600 or so I have now to offer.

    I thought I would share a sample here, since I am only just starting on my galleries, and it will still be a while before they are done and up. I am also working out prices for using these but they won't be too expensive at all, I promise.

    You can click on the images for a larger view and better detail.

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    New Galleries coming soon!

    I am looking into new software that will let me put up a simple slideshow to add sample galleries of my work to the site, and also use for proofing. So the galleries are down for now, but they will be back soon!


    Welcome to the newest edition to my site, a personalized blog!

    As we enter 2007, you will notice a new look to my website. I plan to streamline, using less words, and more photos! Some features are now disabled and will return as I write new pages, and some features will not be back as they were before.

    Gone are my old price sheets. I will be shooting for pre-determined flat rates now, and giving you, the customer, ready to print, full resolution images on CD/DVD. All are copyright free, you can take them where you want, and print as many pictures and sizes as you wish.

    I will still offer prints if you wish to order from me and I will have specialty services also, like art canvas prints available.

    Textures and edge effects are hot now! I have purchased several and will have a gallery of choices up later this spring.

    Please feel free to check in here anytime to see what I am shooting, read my comments, and find specials and coupons that I will only put up here!